Street view for Apsheronsk narrow gauge railway

In 2012 Google Maps was get huge promotion: they hired a special train at some of Swizerland mountain railway, and make a streetview from flatcar.

In 2016 i am repeat this technology stack with panoramic camera Ricoh Theta S at Apsheronsk narrow-gauge mountain railway.
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Kratovo children railway

Kratovo children railway is a 3-km narrow gauge railway line, located in suburban area of Zukovskiy city. It is used in summertimes as a training centre for railway schools.

There are many such children railways in ex-USSR, but usually they located in big cities. This railway was established in 1936 – second in state. At the end of the 1930-ies it was planned the construction of the children’s railway in Moscow, but the plan was cancelled due to the outbreak of war. So Kratovo railway still near of Moscow, it located in 40 minutes at suburban train by Ryazan railway line.

Operation times

Wednesday-Sunday, from early June to late August. 5 pair of trains from 10:00 to 14:00. Trains may be cancelled due to unknown reason. Ticketing – typical for suburban railway: ticket offices at station, and checking in train.

History info

Open in 1937. Entension in 1940. Diesel tracion by TU2 class since 1960-s. 2005 – maror rebuild: new car depot building, station buildings, track repair, modernisation of engines and new cars.

Technical info

Gauge: 750 mm.

Traction: TU2K-078, TU2K-129 diesel-electric loco, rebuild in 2005 by Ryazan railway depot.

Depot located in Pionerskaya station.

Two stations, one intermediate stop, and one disused stop.

4 railway crossings with guards.


RZD Kratovo children railway TU2K-078 2008
Kratovo children railway. Timiryazevskaya ul. Green dacha area
Малая Московская железная дорога
RZD Kratovo children railway TU2K-078 2008
Kratovo children railway. Yunost staion
Малая Московская железная дорога
RZD Kratovo children railway TU2K-078 2008
Kratovo children railway. Pionerskaya station.
Малая Московская железная дорога

Авнюгская узкоколейка / Avnyugskaya narrow gauge railway

Avnyugskaya narrow gauge railway is not often visited by railfans due to far location. About two days that needed to reach it from Moscow.
It located in Arkhangelsk oblast of Russia. The big North Dvina river run from Kotlas northbound to Arkhangelsk. Along left bank of North Dvina goes a highway with small bus service. In 2-3 hours of PAZ bus ride from Kotlas Avniuga village is located.The narrow gauge railway is used for wood carryng. It was a property of some forestly company. There was an passenger train to isolated village Soiga.In 2013 wood carry on this railway is over. Lumber facility in Avnug is closed and demolished, also a long branch to forest, and main depot. At 2014 Avnugskaya narrow gauge railway still work, and provided a passenger train Avnuyga – Soiga. It have a one diesel lomomotove TU6A-3666, one passenger car, and one flatcar.
Авнюгская узкоколейка нечасто посещается любителями железных дорог по причине своей удалёности. Дорога из Москвы до неё занимает двое суток.Находится она в Архангельской области. Большая река Северная Двина течёт из Котласа в северном направлении к Архангельску. Вдоль левого берега реки проходит шоссе с редким автобусным сообщением, несколько раз в сутки. Автобус ПАЗ от Котласа до посёлка Авнюгский идёт около 2-3 часов.Авнюгская УЖД использовалась для вывозки леса. Был пассажирский поезд от Авнюгского до изолированой деревни Сойга.В 2013 году вывозка леса по дороге прекратилась. Леспромхоз в Авнюге полностью закрыт и разобран. Так же разобрана длинная линия в лесу, с которой шла вывозка, и главное депо.В 2014 году Авнюгская УЖД продолжает работать как пассажирская: по ней ходит поезд Авнюга-Сойга. Подвижной состав минимален: один тепловоз ТУ6А-3666, один пассажирский вагон, и одна платформа. Маленькое депо есть в Авнюге.

Карта Авнюгской УЖД / Avnuga narrow gauge railway

Passenger platform in Avnuyga.

Switch to depot branch.

Pionerka at mainline.

Depot in Avniuga have just 2 tracks.

TU6A-3666 End of line in Avnuga

Forest carry at Northen Dvina.

УЖД Солотчинского торфопредприятия / Solotchinskoye peat narrow gauge railway

This small narrow gauge railway located at 40 kilometers north from Ryazan, and easy accessible by taxi. It used for peat transportation from field to peat briquette factory in Proizernyi town.This railway is a part of former Ryazan – Vladimir railway system. Peat enterprise in Priozerny settlement was established in 1950s. In 1995 railway servise was stopped, and tracks were removed. Suddenly, in 2010 this railway was restored. Эта маленькая УЖД находится в 40 километрах к северу от Рязани, и доступна на такси. По ней вывозится торф с торфополей на торфобрикетный завод в посёлке Приозёрный.Эта железная дорога – часть бывшей Рязано-Владимирской железной дороги, построенной с колеёй 750 мм. Торфопредприятие в посёлке Приозёрный было открыто в 1950-х годах. В 1995 году железнодорожное движение было закрыто, и пути разобраны. В 2010 году узкоколейная железная дорога была восстановлена

Map of Narrow gauge railway of Solotchinskoye peat enterprise

Map of Ryazan area, railway located in Priozerny, top-right of map.

Narrow gauge railway of Solotchinskoye peat enterprise

Map of Solotchinskoye peat narrow gauge railway.

Карта узкоколейной железной дороги Солотчинского торфопредприятия.

Once trainset at factory station.

Единственный состав на заводской станции. track, cars here haulted by winch.
Разгрузочная эстакада на торфобрикетном заводе. Вагоны затаскиваются лебёдкой.

Locomotive numbers are TU6A-2917, ESU2A-402(952), ESU2A-1003, all ex-Bolon peat enterprise.

Имеются локомотивы ТУ6А-2917, ЭСУ2А-402(952), ЭСУ2А-1003. Все переданы из Болони. depot.
Депо УЖД.


ЭСУ2А-1003 у депо УЖД в Приозёрном.
11. (1024 x 938)


An fire truck without number plates.

Bulk bags with peat briquettes at factory yard.

Мешки с торфобрикетами на дворе завода.