Street view for Apsheronsk narrow gauge railway

In 2012 Google Maps was get huge promotion: they hired a special train at some of Swizerland mountain railway, and make a streetview from flatcar.

In 2016 i am repeat this technology stack with panoramic camera Ricoh Theta S at Apsheronsk narrow-gauge mountain railway.,+staziun/@46.6316454,9.7465813,1295m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x47849bef3d3277ed:0xa2fee7afac05be26


Apsheronskaya railway. TU6P-0053 with charter train

It was a fantrip, provided by Lucky, railway give for train a flatcar, so i sat in center of car, and use a camera with selfie stick. I make a shots only in intresting sections.


Camera was set in auto-mode using Android app. I record GPS-track at separate Garmin device, and georefrenced pictures while post-processing in JOSM. Image rotation was corrected with

I upload 700 photos to #Mapillary, and they accesible there:

Frist problem – a electricity. I use an external battery, but Ricoh Theta S cannot be attached to selfie stick and power supply at same time.

Second problem – a bulk upload to Google Street view is hard, dye to memory leaks in Android app.

Apsheronskaya railway. TU6P-0053 with charter train

Third problem – a big compass value error in Ricoh Theta S. Arrows in Mapillary working wrong.


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